Send Your Love On Valentine’s Day with Flowers

Valentine Roses

Ever wondered why we send flowers and celebrate Valentine’s Day? It all can be traced to the Roman celebration of Lupercalia that was celebrated on February 15. Honoring the gods Faunus and Lupercus, along with the founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus, Lupercalia festivities included a bountiful feast as well as the pairing of young men and women.

The young men would draw women’s names from a box and the two would be coupled together until the next year’s celebration. The pairing of these couples has set the tone for today’s holiday. It didn’t gain its current name, Valentine’s Day, until Valentine, an area priest, came into the picture.

The Emperor Claudius II handed down a decree that soldiers must remain bachelors, believing if they were engaged or married they would be unable to concentrate on fighting. Valentine was a romantic and disobeyed the emperor by secretly performing marriage ceremonies. Because of his actions, Valentine was put to death on the date of February 14. Valentine was named St. Valentine after his death and, as Christianity spread throughout Rome, the priests moved the celebration of Lupercalia from February 15 to February 14 and renamed it St. Valentine’s Day in his honor.

Historically, flowers have represented fertility, love, marriage, and romance. During these earlier times, speaking in the language of flowers (Fluorography), flourished since courtship was severely prohibited. Lovers would communicate through flowers for weeks, sometimes even months. To this day, sending flowers, especially roses, to that special someone on Valentine’s Day is extra meaningful because it represents eternal love.
Area florists in Los Angeles have just what you need for this Valentine’s Day. There are many to choose from, all offering beautiful arrangements that are bound to put a smile on someone’s face. The easiest way to do this in the Los Angeles area is through floral delivery. There are several ways to get floral delivery in Los Angeles. You can visit a florist shop, place an order over the phone, or shop the Internet for a vast variety of selections. Most florists in Los Angeles offer same-day, hand delivery.

Going into the store of a florist in Los Angeles enables you to browse through their pre-arranged bouquets, along with accessories such as candy, balloons, and cards. You may also choose to create your own special arrangement. You can choose from many different styles, vases, and pick out just the right flowers you want in your arrangement.

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Arranging for floral delivery can be perfect for the person who just doesn’t have the time to spend shopping. On the phone, the florist will help you choose the best flowers for your love,  tell you what arrangements they have in stock, prices, and their deal of the day.  They can even customize the arrangement and the attached card for you.

Ordering flowers online is another convenient option. Most florists in Los Angeles have a website that is very user-friendly. You can browse through bouquets conveniently and place your order online.  Rest assured your delivery will be made that same day if you order by noon!

No matter which option you choose to buy that special someone flowers for Valentine’s Day, choose Los Angeles flower delivery service for a convenient way to show someone you care.

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