Winter Flowers We Love to Decorate With

Most people don’t think there are any amazing flowers that bloom during the winter months, but while there aren’t as many as you would see during the spring, there are some beautiful winter flowers.  You may see a number of these gorgeous flowers in your area.  Even if you don’t have that many blooming flowers, never despair—there are always flowers blooming somewhere, and your local florist can get them for you!

If you have a mild winter, you may find that some traditional late summer and fall flowers keep right on blooming during December and even January.  If it stays warm enough and doesn’t freeze, your favorite flowers might keep right on blooming.  However, if temperatures do get down into the single digits, you might only see some of these flowers around:

-Lenten/Christmas Rose
-Winter Daphne
-Winter Jasmine
-Winter Honeysuckle
-Kaffir Lily

These are just some of the beautiful winter flowers you might see during this season.  Want to bring some of these gorgeous blooms indoors?  Take a look at the many winter flowers in Santa Monica, CA, that can be delivered right to your doorstep.