Choosing Mother’s Day Flowers for Mom – Who Taught Us Life Skills

What kind of rules did your mom make you follow when you were a kid?  Most likely, they seemed really strict, but now that you’re older, you might have a little more perspective.  They were there to teach us valuable lessons, of course, even if it was hard to see at the time.  Here are a few of mom’s rules that now make sense:


As kids, we loved to stay up late at night watching TV, playing games, or doing whatever we wanted.  But then we would be dead tired the next day at school.  Mom’s bedtime wasn’t arbitrary; it was to help us get in the habit of getting up early during the week so we could have the energy to get through a full day of work.


Then there were chores.  This was mom’s way of teaching us that there are certain things that have to be done to keep the house in order, even if we don’t like them.  If we ignore this, well, think of all the garbage that will pile up!

Saving Money

Saving money and learning to stick to a budget.  Mom wouldn’t buy us everything we wanted, and she often made us do chores or other tasks to earn an allowance or reward.  This was mom teaching us finances.  We all have to work to earn our paychecks.  Mom just wanted us to get used to this fact of life at an early age.  You’ve got to do the work if you want to earn the reward!

Did your mom have any rules that seem a little crazy but now make you realize she was teaching you?  She seems a lot smarter now, huh?

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