Meet the Sunflower

Meet Helianthus Annuus, the Sunflower

Table of Citrus Theme Sunflower arrangements displayed Robinson’s Gardens Beverly Hills, CA.
 A native of North America, the sunflower’s Latin botanical name is Helianthus Annuus.  The best known of these bold, cheery flowers grows as an annual and is a member of the largest floral family, the Asteraceae family which includes Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Asters, Cosmos, etc.  
The ancient Peruvian Incan sun worshipers attached it with meanings of “wishes & loyalty”. This flower was revered by many cultures, deriving its name from the Greek word heliosanthos, helios, meaning “sun,” and anthos, meaning “flower”.
Garland of sunflowers, roses and other flowers
Homage and Devotion are other meanings of this flower.  It is known as the “3rd wedding anniversary flower” and the state flower of Kansas.
Wedding Cake with Sunflowers


In the summer months sunflowers are abundant in California and other parts of the United States. California is the largest grower of fresh cut flowers in the country.  Our flower shop is so lucky to be located in California.  In the summer when sunflowers are at their seasonal peak, we have so many varieties of sunflowers available to our clients.  We have sunflowers with the traditional or common “black eyes” or centers. They can come with green centers, bronze petals, burgundy petals, bi-color yellow and bronze petals like the picture on the left.  We also have “Teddy Bear” sunflowers–are fun with lots of little golden yellow petals.  Our shop does carry the traditional sunflower with the black centers throughout most of the year.  

Our shop, Edelweiss Flower Boutique, uses sunflowers in numerous floral designs.  Most feel sunflowers cannot be elegant, but as you can see elegance is not a problem.  The floral arrangement below can be used for a wedding, or as an accent decor for garden party or event.

Elegant arrangement of sunflowers, roses and hydrangeas

Caring for Your Fresh Cut Sunflowers

Vase life is from 7-14 days depending on variety. Remove bottom leaves if present, re-cut stems under water and place into a vase of warm water and fresh flower food provided by our flower shop. If no flower food is available, then place your sunflowers into a bleach solution (6-8 drops per quart) with a small amount of clear sweetened soda (seven-up works wonders).  Change water daily and re-cut your flowers for best results.  Keep any flowers you have in a cool place in your home or office.  Do not put any flowers next to a sunny hot window!  The best vase life is obtained in flower food solutions which should be provided with your purchase from a professional florist that cares about their product and clients.

Choosing a Sunflower Bouquet

Your sunflower design can be modern and colorful or you can have a traditional pitcher of sunflowers.  We use sunflowers for bridal bouquets, to decorate wedding cakes and garlands… the possibilities are endless.
Piled high with cheerful sunflowers, this hand-painted, hand-glazed Chevy pickup is a Father’s Day dream come true. T18F100A


Send the unexpected – an artistic and modern design of sunflowers, green anthuriums & hydrangeas with tropical grasses. EFB-61


Rise and shine! Send her a sunrise with this golden bouquet of bright-as-day sunflowers. TEV32-1A


Pour on the fun by sending this dazzling bouquet of sunflowers in a bright yellow ceramic pitcher! T153-1A
Whoever receives this stunning bouquet is sure to be bowled over by its bold beauty! It’s big on fun and big on sunflowers. T152-2A






With bright yellow sunflowers and roses, it”s like bringing a little bit of the outdoors in! Sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses in a matching cachepot. TF67-2

Like rays of light, the brightly colored petals of the sunflower sweep upward and outward in this bright bouquet.